Tax Exempt Status

The Women’s Board is an auxiliary of The University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation which is a not for profit organization in the State of Illinois exempt under the internal revenue code section 501 (c)(3) operating in Chicago. It is governed by the regulations and guidelines of the University of Chicago.

Its purpose is to cooperate with The University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation: and, in fulfillment of this, to obtain funds in support of the activities of the Ben May Institute for Cancer Research and of the studies and research carried on by The University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center in connection with the cause, prevention and cure of cancer and other neoplastic diseases. The UCCCC is a National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center.

Each year, the UCCRF files a report through The University of Chicago with the Internal Revenue Service, IRS Form 990 (Return of Organizations Exempt from Income Tax). This report is available for public inspection by contacting the office of the comptroller at the University.